Choose A Box

Choose A Box

How would you like your daily essentials delivered right to your door every month at a fraction of the cost of any of these items? Introducing Choose A Box!

Choose A Box offers 3 boxes you can choose from delivered right to your door.

Personal Hygiene Box

For only $15/per month, the Personal Hygiene Box comes with:

1 Hand Sanitizer Bottle

4 Rolls of Toilet Paper

1 Whitening Toothpaste

1 Flushable Wipes Packet

1 Hand Lotion

1 Body Wash

1 Hand Soap

1 Facial Tissue Pack.

Household Box

For only $25/per month, the Household Box comes with:

2 Paper Towels

1 Disinfecting Wipes Tube (75 ct)

1 Air Freshener

1 Disposable Paper Plate Pack (50ct)

1 Disposable Paper Bowl Pack (50 ct)

1 Liquid Laundry Detergent

1 Liquid Dish Detergent

1 All Purpose Disinfecting Spray Bottle

Combo Box

For only $45/per month, the Combo Box comes with:

1 Personal Hygiene Box

1 Household Box

1 Daily Multi-Vitamin Bottle

Enjoy the convenience of your daily/monthly essentials delivered right to you at a fraction of the cost at your local store. Start your 30 days free trial today.

*Free Shipping Included*

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